Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
; Configuration file for the MYSQL app addon

; Nullvalue governs how NULL values are returned from the database.  In
; previous versions, the special NULL value was returned as the "NULL"
; string.  We now provide an option for the behavior, configured globally.
; nullstring  - the string "NULL"
; emptystring - the string ""
; null        - unset the variable
; WARNING: setting nullvalue=null may have undesireable consequences, in
; particular if you use subroutines in AEL or the LOCAL() variable construct.
; You have been warned.  Don't complain if you use that setting in combination
; with Gosub or AEL and get buggy behavior.
nullvalue = nullstring

; If set, autoclear will destroy allocated statement and connection resources
; when the channel ends.  For most usage of the MYSQL app, this is what you
; want, but it's conceivable that somebody is sharing MYSQL connections across
; multiple channels, in which case, this should be set to 'no'.  Defaults to
; 'no', as this was the original behavior.