Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Asterisk Community Resources
Mailing Lists
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  • aadk-commits SVN commits to the AADK repository
  • asterisk-addons-commits SVN commits to the Asterisk addons project
  • asterisk-announce [no description available]
  • asterisk-biz Commercial and Business-Oriented Asterisk Discussion
  • Asterisk-BSD Asterisk on BSD discussion
  • asterisk-bugs [no description available]
  • asterisk-commits SVN commits to the Asterisk project
  • asterisk-dev Asterisk Developers Mailing List
  • asterisk-doc Discussions regarding The Asterisk Documentation Project
  • asterisk-embedded Asterisk Embedded Development
  • asterisk-gui Asterisk GUI project discussion
  • asterisk-gui-commits SVN commits to the Asterisk-GUI project
  • asterisk-ha-clustering Asterisk High Availability and Clustering List - Non-Commercial Discussion
  • Asterisk-i18n Discussion of Asterisk internationalization
  • asterisk-r2 [no description available]
  • asterisk-scf-commits Commits to the Asterisk SCF project code repositories
  • asterisk-scf-committee Asterisk SCF Steering Committee discussions
  • asterisk-scf-dev Asterisk SCF Developers Mailing List
  • asterisk-scf-wiki-changes Changes to the Asterisk SCF space on
  • asterisk-security Asterisk Security Discussion
  • asterisk-speech-rec Use of speech recognition in Asterisk
  • asterisk-ss7 [no description available]
  • asterisk-users Asterisk Users Mailing List - Non-Commercial Discussion
  • asterisk-video Development discussion of video media support in Asterisk
  • asterisk-wiki-changes Changes to the Asterisk space on
  • asterisknow AsteriskNOW Discussion
  • dahdi-commits SVN commits to the DAHDI project
  • digium-announce Digium Product Announcements
  • Dundi Distributed Universal Number Discovery
  • libiax2-commits SVN commits to the libiax2 project
  • libpri-commits SVN commits to the libpri project
  • libss7-commits SVN commits to the libss7 project
  • svn-commits SVN commits to the Digium repositories
  • Test-results Results from automated testing
  • thirdparty-commits SVN commits to the Digium third-party software repository
  • zaptel-commits SVN commits to the Zaptel project
Use IRC server to connect with Asterisk developers and users in realtime.
If you would like to add a resource to this list please create an issue on the issue tracker with a patch.