Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
; Asterisk Call Management CDR via Beanstalkd job queue
; Beanstalkd is a simple job queue server, that is highly versatile and simple to use.
; Beanstalkd includes the capability of using multiple queues at the same time, with priorities.
; This module requires that your server has the beanstalk-client library installed. The library
; can be downloaded from -

;enabled = yes

;host =    ; Specify the remote IP address of the Beanstalkd server
;port = 11300        ; Specify the remote PORT of the the Beanstalkd server
;tube = asterisk-cdr ; Specify the default CDR job queue to use
;priority = 99       ; Specify the default job priority for the queue. This parameter is useful when building
                     ; platform with multiple Asterisk servers, that are used for different functions. For example,
                     ; none billable CDR records can be inserted with a priority of 99, while billable ones be
                     ; inserted with a priority of 1