Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Data Fields
ast_cc_monitor Struct Reference

#include <ccss.h>

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Data Fields

int available_timer_id
const struct ast_cc_monitor_callbackscallbacks
int core_id
char * dialstring
 Name that should be used to recall specified interface. More...
unsigned int id
struct ast_cc_interfaceinterface
struct {
   struct ast_cc_monitor *   next
unsigned int parent_id
void * private_data
 Data that is private to a monitor technology. More...
enum ast_cc_service_type service_offered

Detailed Description

Definition at line 510 of file ccss.h.

Field Documentation

◆ available_timer_id

int available_timer_id

The ID of the available timer used by the current monitor

Definition at line 547 of file ccss.h.

Referenced by ast_cc_available_timer_expire(), cancel_available_timer(), cc_device_monitor_init(), cc_interface_tree_destroy(), cc_monitor_failed(), and request_cc().

◆ callbacks

const struct ast_cc_monitor_callbacks* callbacks

◆ core_id

int core_id

◆ dialstring

char* dialstring

Name that should be used to recall specified interface.

When issuing a CC recall, some technologies will require that a name other than the device name is dialed. For instance, with SIP, a specific URI will be used which chan_sip will be able to recognize as being a CC recall. Similarly, ISDN will need a specific dial string to know that the call is a recall.

Definition at line 543 of file ccss.h.

Referenced by ast_handle_cc_control_frame(), build_cc_interfaces_chanvar(), cc_device_monitor_init(), and cc_monitor_destroy().

◆ id

unsigned int id

◆ interface

struct ast_cc_interface* interface

◆ next [1/2]

struct { ... } next

◆ next [2/2]

struct ast_cc_monitor* next

◆ parent_id

unsigned int parent_id

The ID of this monitor's parent. If this monitor is at the top of the tree, then his parent will be 0.

Definition at line 524 of file ccss.h.

Referenced by ast_handle_cc_control_frame(), build_cc_interfaces_chanvar(), cancel_available_timer(), cc_cli_print_monitor_stats(), cc_device_monitor_init(), cc_extension_monitor_init(), cc_monitor_failed(), request_cc(), suspend(), and unsuspend().

◆ private_data

void* private_data

Data that is private to a monitor technology.

Most channel drivers that implement CC monitors will have to allocate data that the CC core does not care about but which is vital to the operation of the monitor. This data is stored in this pointer so that the channel driver may use it as needed

Definition at line 561 of file ccss.h.

Referenced by ast_cc_extension_monitor_add_dialstring(), build_cc_interfaces_chanvar(), cc_device_monitor_init(), cc_extension_monitor_change_is_valid(), cc_extension_monitor_init(), cc_generic_monitor_request_cc(), cc_monitor_destroy(), sip_call(), sip_cc_monitor_request_cc(), sip_cc_monitor_suspend(), and sip_cc_monitor_unsuspend().

◆ service_offered

enum ast_cc_service_type service_offered

The type of call completion service offered by a device.

Definition at line 532 of file ccss.h.

Referenced by cc_cli_print_monitor_stats(), cc_device_monitor_init(), cc_generic_monitor_request_cc(), and sip_cc_monitor_request_cc().

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