Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Data Fields
ast_cc_config_params Struct Reference

Data Fields

char cc_agent_dialstring [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
enum ast_cc_agent_policies cc_agent_policy
char cc_callback_macro [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
char cc_callback_sub [AST_MAX_EXTENSION]
unsigned int cc_max_agents
unsigned int cc_max_monitors
enum ast_cc_monitor_policies cc_monitor_policy
unsigned int cc_offer_timer
unsigned int cc_recall_timer
unsigned int ccbs_available_timer
unsigned int ccnr_available_timer

Detailed Description


Definition at line 161 of file ccss.c.

Field Documentation

◆ cc_agent_dialstring

char cc_agent_dialstring[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Definition at line 172 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_agent_dialstring(), and ast_set_cc_agent_dialstring().

◆ cc_agent_policy

enum ast_cc_agent_policies cc_agent_policy

Definition at line 162 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_agent_policy(), and ast_set_cc_agent_policy().

◆ cc_callback_macro

char cc_callback_macro[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Definition at line 170 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_callback_macro(), and ast_set_cc_callback_macro().

◆ cc_callback_sub

char cc_callback_sub[AST_MAX_EXTENSION]

Definition at line 171 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_callback_sub(), and ast_set_cc_callback_sub().

◆ cc_max_agents

unsigned int cc_max_agents

Definition at line 168 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_max_agents(), and ast_set_cc_max_agents().

◆ cc_max_monitors

unsigned int cc_max_monitors

Definition at line 169 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_max_monitors(), and ast_set_cc_max_monitors().

◆ cc_monitor_policy

enum ast_cc_monitor_policies cc_monitor_policy

Definition at line 163 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_monitor_policy(), and ast_set_cc_monitor_policy().

◆ cc_offer_timer

unsigned int cc_offer_timer

Definition at line 164 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_offer_timer(), ast_set_cc_offer_timer(), and cc_caller_offered().

◆ cc_recall_timer

unsigned int cc_recall_timer

Definition at line 167 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_cc_recall_timer(), and ast_set_cc_recall_timer().

◆ ccbs_available_timer

unsigned int ccbs_available_timer

Definition at line 166 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_ccbs_available_timer(), and ast_set_ccbs_available_timer().

◆ ccnr_available_timer

unsigned int ccnr_available_timer

Definition at line 165 of file ccss.c.

Referenced by ast_get_ccnr_available_timer(), and ast_set_ccnr_available_timer().

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