Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Data Fields
ast_ari_channels_external_media_args Struct Reference

#include <resource_channels.h>

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Data Fields

const char * app
const char * channel_id
const char * connection_type
const char * data
const char * direction
const char * encapsulation
const char * external_host
const char * format
const char * transport
struct ast_jsonvariables

Detailed Description

Argument struct for ast_ari_channels_external_media()

Definition at line 830 of file resource_channels.h.

Field Documentation

◆ app

const char* app

◆ channel_id

const char* channel_id

The unique id to assign the channel on creation.

Definition at line 832 of file resource_channels.h.

Referenced by ast_ari_channels_external_media_cb(), ast_ari_channels_external_media_parse_body(), external_media_audiosocket_tcp(), and external_media_rtp_udp().

◆ connection_type

const char* connection_type

◆ data

const char* data

◆ direction

const char* direction

◆ encapsulation

const char* encapsulation

◆ external_host

const char* external_host

◆ format

const char* format

◆ transport

const char* transport

◆ variables

struct ast_json* variables

The "variables" key in the body object holds variable key/value pairs to set on the channel on creation. Other keys in the body object are interpreted as query parameters. Ex. { "endpoint": "SIP/Alice", "variables": { "CALLERID(name)": "Alice" } }

Definition at line 836 of file resource_channels.h.

Referenced by ast_ari_channels_external_media(), and ast_ari_channels_external_media_cb().

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