Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
ast_version.h File Reference

Asterisk version information. More...

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const char * ast_get_build_opts (void)
const char * ast_get_version (void)
 Retrieve the Asterisk version string. More...
const char * ast_get_version_num (void)
 Retrieve the numeric Asterisk version. More...

Detailed Description

Asterisk version information.

Russell Bryant russe[email protected][email protected][email protected]igium[email protected].com

Definition in file ast_version.h.

Function Documentation

◆ ast_get_build_opts()

const char* ast_get_build_opts ( void  )

Retrieve the Asterisk build options

Definition at line 26 of file version.c.

References asterisk_build_opts.

Referenced by handle_show_settings(), and prometheus_config_post_apply().

27 {
28  return asterisk_build_opts;
29 }
static const char asterisk_build_opts[]
Definition: version.c:14

◆ ast_get_version()

const char* ast_get_version ( void  )

◆ ast_get_version_num()

const char* ast_get_version_num ( void  )

Retrieve the numeric Asterisk version.

Format ABBCC AABB - Major version (1.4 would be 104) CC - Minor version

1.4.17 would be 10417.

Definition at line 21 of file version.c.

References asterisk_version_num.

Referenced by acf_version_exec(), ast_var_Version(), and test_generate_results().

22 {
23  return asterisk_version_num;
24 }
static const char asterisk_version_num[]
Definition: version.c:12