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bridges.c File Reference

Prometheus Bridge Metrics. More...

#include "asterisk.h"
#include "asterisk/stasis_bridges.h"
#include "asterisk/res_prometheus.h"
#include "prometheus_internal.h"
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Data Structures

struct  bridge_metric_defs


#define BRIDGES_CHANNELS_COUNT_HELP   "Number of channels in the bridge."


int bridge_metrics_init (void)
 Initialize bridge metrics. More...
static void bridge_metrics_unload_cb (void)
static void bridges_scrape_cb (struct ast_str **response)
static void get_bridge_channel_count (struct prometheus_metric *metric, struct ast_bridge_snapshot *snapshot)


struct bridge_metric_defs bridge_metric_defs []
struct prometheus_callback bridges_callback
static struct prometheus_metrics_provider provider

Detailed Description

Prometheus Bridge Metrics.

Matt Jordan mjord[email protected][email protected][email protected]igium[email protected].com

Definition in file bridges.c.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define BRIDGES_CHANNELS_COUNT_HELP   "Number of channels in the bridge."

Definition at line 33 of file bridges.c.

Function Documentation

◆ bridge_metrics_init()

int bridge_metrics_init ( void  )

Initialize bridge metrics.

Return values

Definition at line 183 of file bridges.c.

References prometheus_callback_register(), and prometheus_metrics_provider_register().

Referenced by load_module().

184 {
188  return 0;
189 }
struct prometheus_callback bridges_callback
Definition: bridges.c:160
int prometheus_callback_register(struct prometheus_callback *callback)
void prometheus_metrics_provider_register(const struct prometheus_metrics_provider *provider)
Register a metrics provider.
static struct prometheus_metrics_provider provider
Definition: bridges.c:178

◆ bridge_metrics_unload_cb()

static void bridge_metrics_unload_cb ( void  )

Definition at line 169 of file bridges.c.

References prometheus_callback_unregister().

170 {
172 }
struct prometheus_callback bridges_callback
Definition: bridges.c:160
void prometheus_callback_unregister(struct prometheus_callback *callback)
Remove a registered callback.

◆ bridges_scrape_cb()

static void bridges_scrape_cb ( struct ast_str **  response)

Definition at line 78 of file bridges.c.

References ao2_container_clone, ao2_container_count(), ao2_iterator_destroy(), ao2_iterator_init(), ao2_iterator_next, ao2_ref, ARRAY_LEN, ast_bridge_get_snapshot(), ast_bridges(), ast_calloc, ast_copy_string(), ast_eid_default, ast_eid_to_str(), ast_free, AST_LIST_INSERT_TAIL, bridges, ast_bridge_snapshot::creator, bridge_metric_defs::get_value, bridge_metric_defs::help, prometheus_metric::help, bridge_metric_defs::name, ast_bridge_snapshot::name, NULL, PROMETHEUS_METRIC_GAUGE, PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL, PROMETHEUS_METRIC_STATIC_INITIALIZATION, prometheus_metric_to_string(), ast_bridge_snapshot::subclass, ast_bridge_snapshot::technology, prometheus_metric::type, ast_bridge_snapshot::uniqueid, and prometheus_metric::value.

79 {
80  struct ao2_container *bridge_cache;
81  struct ao2_container *bridges;
82  struct ao2_iterator it_bridges;
83  struct ast_bridge *bridge;
84  struct prometheus_metric *bridge_metrics;
85  char eid_str[32];
86  int i, j, num_bridges;
89  "asterisk_bridges_count",
90  "Current bridge count.",
91  NULL
92  );
94  ast_eid_to_str(eid_str, sizeof(eid_str), &ast_eid_default);
96  bridge_cache = ast_bridges();
97  if (!bridge_cache) {
98  return;
99  }
101  bridges = ao2_container_clone(bridge_cache, 0);
102  ao2_ref(bridge_cache, -1);
103  if (!bridges) {
104  return;
105  }
107  num_bridges = ao2_container_count(bridges);
109  /* Current endpoint count */
110  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_count, 0, "eid", eid_str);
111  snprintf(bridge_count.value, sizeof(bridge_count.value), "%d", num_bridges);
112  prometheus_metric_to_string(&bridge_count, response);
114  if (num_bridges == 0) {
115  ao2_ref(bridges, -1);
116  return;
117  }
119  bridge_metrics = ast_calloc(ARRAY_LEN(bridge_metric_defs) * num_bridges, sizeof(*bridge_metrics));
120  if (!bridge_metrics) {
121  ao2_ref(bridges, -1);
122  return;
123  }
125  /* Bridge dependent values */
126  it_bridges = ao2_iterator_init(bridges, 0);
127  for (i = 0; (bridge = ao2_iterator_next(&it_bridges)); ao2_ref(bridge, -1), i++) {
128  struct ast_bridge_snapshot *snapshot = ast_bridge_get_snapshot(bridge);
130  for (j = 0; j < ARRAY_LEN(bridge_metric_defs); j++) {
131  int index = i * ARRAY_LEN(bridge_metric_defs) + j;
133  bridge_metrics[index].type = PROMETHEUS_METRIC_GAUGE;
134  ast_copy_string(bridge_metrics[index].name, bridge_metric_defs[j].name, sizeof(bridge_metrics[index].name));
135  bridge_metrics[index].help = bridge_metric_defs[j].help;
136  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 0, "eid", eid_str);
137  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 1, "id", (snapshot->uniqueid));
138  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 2, "tech", (snapshot->technology));
139  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 3, "subclass", (snapshot->subclass));
140  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 4, "creator", (snapshot->creator));
141  PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(&bridge_metrics[index], 5, "name", (snapshot->name));
142  bridge_metric_defs[j].get_value(&bridge_metrics[index], snapshot);
144  if (i > 0) {
145  AST_LIST_INSERT_TAIL(&bridge_metrics[j].children, &bridge_metrics[index], entry);
146  }
147  }
148  ao2_ref(snapshot, -1);
149  }
150  ao2_iterator_destroy(&it_bridges);
152  for (j = 0; j < ARRAY_LEN(bridge_metric_defs); j++) {
153  prometheus_metric_to_string(&bridge_metrics[j], response);
154  }
156  ast_free(bridge_metrics);
157  ao2_ref(bridges, -1);
158 }
struct ao2_container * ast_bridges(void)
Returns the global bridges container.
Definition: bridge.c:174
An actual, honest to god, metric.
int ao2_container_count(struct ao2_container *c)
Returns the number of elements in a container.
#define ARRAY_LEN(a)
Definition: isdn_lib.c:42
char * ast_eid_to_str(char *s, int maxlen, struct ast_eid *eid)
Convert an EID to a string.
Definition: main/utils.c:2587
#define ao2_container_clone(orig, flags)
Definition: astobj2.h:1430
Structure that contains a snapshot of information about a bridge.
Definition: bridge.h:322
enum prometheus_metric_type type
What type of metric we are.
void ao2_iterator_destroy(struct ao2_iterator *iter)
Destroy a container iterator.
#define NULL
Definition: resample.c:96
const ast_string_field creator
Definition: bridge.h:336
Convenience macro for initializing a metric on the stack.
void prometheus_metric_to_string(struct prometheus_metric *metric, struct ast_str **output)
Convert a metric (and its children) into Prometheus compatible text.
const ast_string_field technology
Definition: bridge.h:336
#define PROMETHEUS_METRIC_SET_LABEL(metric, label, n, v)
Convenience macro for setting a label / value in a metric.
struct ast_bridge_snapshot * ast_bridge_get_snapshot(struct ast_bridge *bridge)
Returns the current snapshot for the bridge.
#define ao2_ref(o, delta)
Definition: astobj2.h:464
Structure that contains information about a bridge.
Definition: bridge.h:357
#define AST_LIST_INSERT_TAIL(head, elm, field)
Appends a list entry to the tail of a list.
Definition: linkedlists.h:730
const ast_string_field name
Definition: bridge.h:336
#define ao2_iterator_next(iter)
Definition: astobj2.h:1933
The current value.
static struct ao2_container * bridges
Definition: bridge.c:123
const char * help
Pointer to a static string defining this metric&#39;s help text.
static const char name[]
Definition: cdr_mysql.c:74
#define ast_free(a)
Definition: astmm.h:182
#define ast_calloc(num, len)
A wrapper for calloc()
Definition: astmm.h:204
const ast_string_field uniqueid
Definition: bridge.h:336
struct ast_eid ast_eid_default
Global EID.
Definition: options.c:93
When we need to walk through a container, we use an ao2_iterator to keep track of the current positio...
Definition: astobj2.h:1841
void ast_copy_string(char *dst, const char *src, size_t size)
Size-limited null-terminating string copy.
Definition: strings.h:401
Definition: search.h:40
Generic container type.
const char * help
Help text to display.
Definition: bridges.c:55
const ast_string_field subclass
Definition: bridge.h:336
struct ao2_iterator ao2_iterator_init(struct ao2_container *c, int flags) attribute_warn_unused_result
Create an iterator for a container.
void(*const get_value)(struct prometheus_metric *metric, struct ast_bridge_snapshot *snapshot)
Callback function to generate a metric value for a given bridge.
Definition: bridges.c:63

◆ get_bridge_channel_count()

static void get_bridge_channel_count ( struct prometheus_metric metric,
struct ast_bridge_snapshot snapshot 

Definition at line 42 of file bridges.c.

References ast_bridge_snapshot::num_channels, and prometheus_metric::value.

43 {
44  snprintf(metric->value, sizeof(metric->value), "%d", snapshot->num_channels);
45 }
The current value.
unsigned int num_channels
Definition: bridge.h:345

Variable Documentation

◆ bridge_metric_defs

◆ bridges_callback

struct prometheus_callback bridges_callback
Initial value:
= {
.name = "bridges callback",
.callback_fn = bridges_scrape_cb,
static void bridges_scrape_cb(struct ast_str **response)
Definition: bridges.c:78

Definition at line 160 of file bridges.c.

◆ provider

struct prometheus_metrics_provider provider