Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Data Fields
ast_aoc_decoded Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int aoc_s_count
struct ast_aoc_s_entry aoc_s_entries [10]
enum ast_aoc_billing_id billing_id
enum ast_aoc_charge_type charge_type
struct ast_aoc_charging_association charging_association
unsigned int currency_amount
char currency_name [AOC_CURRENCY_NAME_SIZE]
enum ast_aoc_type msg_type
enum ast_aoc_currency_multiplier multiplier
enum ast_aoc_request request_flag
char termination_request
enum ast_aoc_total_type total_type
int unit_count
struct ast_aoc_unit_entry unit_list [32]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 205 of file aoc.c.

Field Documentation

◆ aoc_s_count

int aoc_s_count

◆ aoc_s_entries

struct ast_aoc_s_entry aoc_s_entries[10]

◆ billing_id

enum ast_aoc_billing_id billing_id

◆ charge_type

enum ast_aoc_charge_type charge_type

◆ charging_association

struct ast_aoc_charging_association charging_association

◆ currency_amount

unsigned int currency_amount

◆ currency_name

char currency_name[AOC_CURRENCY_NAME_SIZE]

◆ msg_type

enum ast_aoc_type msg_type

◆ multiplier

enum ast_aoc_currency_multiplier multiplier

◆ request_flag

enum ast_aoc_request request_flag

◆ termination_request

char termination_request

◆ total_type

enum ast_aoc_total_type total_type

◆ unit_count

int unit_count

◆ unit_list

struct ast_aoc_unit_entry unit_list[32]

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