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Data Fields
minivm_template Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int attachment
char * body
char charset [32]
char dateformat [80]
char fromaddress [100]
struct {
   struct minivm_template *   next
char locale [20]
char name [80]
char serveremail [80]
char subject [100]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 633 of file app_minivm.c.

Field Documentation

◆ attachment

int attachment

Attachment of media yes/no - no for pager messages

Definition at line 642 of file app_minivm.c.

Referenced by notify_new_message().

◆ body

char* body

Body of this template

Definition at line 635 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ charset

char charset[32]

Default character set for this template

Definition at line 639 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ dateformat

char dateformat[80]

Date format to use in this attachment

Definition at line 641 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ fromaddress

char fromaddress[100]

Who's sending the e-mail?

Definition at line 636 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ list

struct { ... } list

List mechanics

◆ locale

char locale[20]

Locale for setlocale()

Definition at line 640 of file app_minivm.c.

Referenced by notify_new_message().

◆ name

char name[80]

Template name

Definition at line 634 of file app_minivm.c.

Referenced by PathSegment::get_child(), Parameter::load(), SwaggerType::load(), and Property::load().

◆ next

struct minivm_template* next

Definition at line 643 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ serveremail

char serveremail[80]

From: Mail address

Definition at line 637 of file app_minivm.c.

◆ subject

char subject[100]

Subject line

Definition at line 638 of file app_minivm.c.

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