Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
Data Fields
SpeexResamplerState_ Struct Reference
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Data Fields

spx_uint32_t buffer_size
float cutoff
spx_uint32_t den_rate
spx_uint32_t filt_len
int frac_advance
spx_uint32_t in_rate
int in_stride
int initialised
int int_advance
spx_int32_t * last_sample
spx_uint32_t * magic_samples
spx_uint32_t mem_alloc_size
spx_uint32_t nb_channels
spx_uint32_t num_rate
spx_uint32_t out_rate
int out_stride
spx_uint32_t oversample
int quality
resampler_basic_func resampler_ptr
spx_uint32_t * samp_frac_num
spx_uint32_t sinc_table_length
int started

Detailed Description

Definition at line 116 of file resample.c.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_size

spx_uint32_t buffer_size

Definition at line 126 of file resample.c.

Referenced by speex_resampler_init_frac(), and update_filter().

◆ cutoff

float cutoff

Definition at line 129 of file resample.c.

Referenced by sinc(), speex_resampler_init_frac(), and update_filter().

◆ den_rate

spx_uint32_t den_rate

◆ filt_len

spx_uint32_t filt_len

◆ frac_advance

int frac_advance

◆ in_rate

spx_uint32_t in_rate

◆ in_stride

int in_stride

◆ initialised

int initialised

◆ int_advance

int int_advance

◆ last_sample

spx_int32_t* last_sample

◆ magic_samples

spx_uint32_t* magic_samples

◆ mem

◆ mem_alloc_size

spx_uint32_t mem_alloc_size

◆ nb_channels

spx_uint32_t nb_channels

◆ num_rate

spx_uint32_t num_rate

◆ out_rate

spx_uint32_t out_rate

◆ out_stride

int out_stride

◆ oversample

spx_uint32_t oversample

Definition at line 130 of file resample.c.

Referenced by resampler_basic_interpolate_single(), and update_filter().

◆ quality

int quality

◆ resampler_ptr

resampler_basic_func resampler_ptr

◆ samp_frac_num

spx_uint32_t* samp_frac_num

◆ sinc_table

spx_word16_t* sinc_table

◆ sinc_table_length

spx_uint32_t sinc_table_length

Definition at line 141 of file resample.c.

Referenced by speex_resampler_init_frac(), and update_filter().

◆ started

int started

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