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ast_config Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct ast_categorycurrent
int include_level
struct ast_config_includeincludes
struct ast_categorylast
struct ast_categorylast_browse
int max_include_level
struct ast_categoryroot

Detailed Description

Definition at line 249 of file main/config.c.

Field Documentation

◆ current

struct ast_category * current

◆ include_level

int include_level

◆ includes

struct ast_config_include * includes

a list of inclusions, which should describe the entire tree

Definition at line 258 of file main/config.c.

Referenced by ast_config_destroy(), ast_config_text_file_save2(), ast_include_find(), ast_include_new(), ast_include_rename(), localized_ast_include_rename(), and localized_config_text_file_save().

◆ last

struct ast_category * last

Last config category in the list.

Definition at line 253 of file main/config.c.

Referenced by ast_category_append(), and ast_category_delete().

◆ last_browse

struct ast_category * last_browse

used to cache the last category supplied via category_browse

Definition at line 255 of file main/config.c.

Referenced by ast_category_browse(), ast_category_delete(), and ast_variable_browse().

◆ max_include_level

int max_include_level

Definition at line 257 of file main/config.c.

Referenced by ast_config_internal_load(), and ast_config_new().

◆ root

struct ast_category * root

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