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ex_gsm.h File Reference

8-bit raw data More...

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static struct ast_framegsm_sample (void)


static uint8_t ex_gsm []

Detailed Description

8-bit raw data

Copyright (C) 2008, Digium, Inc.

Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License

Definition in file ex_gsm.h.

Function Documentation

◆ gsm_sample()

static struct ast_frame* gsm_sample ( void  )

Definition at line 17 of file ex_gsm.h.

References ast_format_gsm, AST_FRAME_VOICE, ast_frame::data, ex_gsm, ast_frame_subclass::format, ast_frame::frametype, GSM_SAMPLES, ast_frame::mallocd, ast_frame::offset, ast_frame::samples, ast_frame::src, and ast_frame::subclass.

18 {
19  static struct ast_frame f = {
21  .datalen = sizeof(ex_gsm),
22  /* All frames are 20 ms long */
24  .mallocd = 0,
25  .offset = 0,
26  .src = __PRETTY_FUNCTION__,
27  .data.ptr = ex_gsm,
28  };
32  return &f;
33 }
struct ast_frame_subclass subclass
const char * src
struct ast_format * ast_format_gsm
Built-in cached gsm format.
Definition: format_cache.c:101
Definition: codec_gsm.c:51
Data structure associated with a single frame of data.
union ast_frame::@263 data
enum ast_frame_type frametype
struct ast_format * format
static uint8_t ex_gsm[]
Definition: ex_gsm.h:10

Variable Documentation

◆ ex_gsm

uint8_t ex_gsm[]

Definition at line 10 of file ex_gsm.h.

Referenced by gsm_sample().