Asterisk - The Open Source Telephony Project  18.5.0
parking Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for parking:


file  parking_applications.c [code]
 Call Parking Applications.
file  parking_bridge.c [code]
 Parking Bridge Class.
file  parking_bridge_features.c [code]
 Parking Bridge DTMF and Interval features.
file  parking_controller.c [code]
 Parking Entry, Exit, and other assorted controls.
file  parking_devicestate.c [code]
 Call Parking Device State Management.
file  parking_manager.c [code]
 Call Parking Manager Actions and Events.
file  parking_tests.c [code]
 Call Parking Unit Tests.
file  parking_ui.c [code]
 Call Parking CLI commands.
file  res_parking.h [code]
 Call Parking Resource Internal API.